4 Benefits of Accelerated Ortho

4 Benefits of Accelerated OrthoAs a busy adult, you might wish you could have straighter teeth without taking out the time for orthodontic treatment. In reality, a straighter smile could be just a few months away with accelerated orthodontic treatment!

We offer a variety of fastbraces options. Why should you consider giving accelerated ortho a try? Check out these four benefits:

  1. Save on Travel Time and Expense

Let’s admit it: it’s not always convenient to visit the office to have your wires adjusted!

For your orthodontia to have the maximum effect on your smile, it’s important that you keep your appointments. With accelerated ortho, you get to enjoy having fewer of these appointments. How frequently you need to see us depends on the type of orthodontic treatment you decide on. But you can be sure that accelerated treatment means fewer days off of work!

  1. Keep Your Teeth Cleaner

Braces don’t make your teeth dirty, but they can make it harder to keep your teeth clean. The less time you spend with an orthodontic appliance in your mouth, the less time dental plaque has to cause problems. A procedure like Invisalign doesn’t even include brackets. This removable tray makes it easy to brush and floss as usual.

  1. See Faster Results

This is obviously the biggest benefit of accelerated orthodontics. If you’re planning on an important event some time down the road, accelerated braces can have your smile photo-ready just in time. Try straightening your teeth several months before that wedding or big reunion.

  1. Keep Your Treatment a Secret

Have you ever thought how fun it would be to surprise someone with your new smile? Accelerated ortho gives you rapid and discreet options for straightening your teeth. It’s not like the entire world has to see you in braces!

If you’re interested in fast and effective orthodontic care in Vista, CA, give us a call. We would love to discuss the accelerated ortho options that are right for you.